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One Million Coin
3 min readDec 16, 2020


The Why Not Crypto.

Ever since the invention of Bitcoin, over a decade ago, the global market for cryptocurrencies has been hard to understand for most people.

Aside from explaining things to people like what a blockchain actually is and what buzzwords like “DeFi” and “Staking” mean, most of the times when I speak to people about crypto the main question that rises is:

“who or what defines the price for a cryptocurrency?”

Now this is certainly an interesting question. In the last couple of years there have been thousands of new cryptocurrency projects of which a few were successful while most them failed. Some cryptocurrencies and/or tokens skyrocketed to extreme high market caps, while others never really reached a substantial market cap.

A common approach for reviewing new cryptocurrencies is looking at the technical complexity, team strength and the actual use cases to get an idea if the project could become a big success. However, in the area of cryptocurrency trading it appears that most investors don’t actually care about those elements. The main question that rises instead is: will it go up in value?

The fact that nowadays the prices for cryptocurrencies seem to be mainly determined by supply and demand inspired me to create a new cryptocurrency token which is no more than a digital asset which can be held and/or traded. Would such an asset actually gain interest from the crypto community, and would it be able to create value for this cryptocurrency without involving a big team and/or complex blockchain technology?

So what is OMC?

One Million Coin (OMC) is a cryptocurrency in the form of a token on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s easy to understand and it doesn’t do anything special in terms of blockchain technology: it’s just a digital asset of which a fixed supply of 1.000.000 tokens have been created. That’s all, almost.

Even though on-chain the “smart contract” for One Million Coin doesn’t do much, OMC is still an interesting cryptocurrency token to invest in because:

  • With a total supply of 1.000.000 tokens, OMC is an exclusive digital asset.
  • With an initial price of $1,- per OMC, there’s a huge upside potential.
  • OMC is an easy to understand, fair and transparent cryptocurrency.
  • A mobile app for Android and iOS is available to manage OMC tokens.
  • Investors receive multiple off-chain benefits, as described later.

Off-chain benefits

Those who choose to take part in the public sale for One Million Coin (OMC) which runs between January 3rd 2021 and January 31st 2021 will exclusively receive the following benefits which don’t have anything to do with blockchain technology in particular, so let’s call them off-chain benefits:

  • Karma boost: you should feel good knowing that 10% of the profits made during the public sale will be donated to a charity shortly after the public sale has ended. All investors will be able to vote on the charities to which a donation should be made to on behalf of all OMC investors.
  • Reputation boost: a block of one million pixels will be published on the where a link to the TX-hash of each OMC purchase will be published as a piece of history in the One Million Coin project.
  • Wealth boost: all OMC investors will receive a lifetime subscription on MoneyBack, a new system that combines the best of blockchain- & online marketing technology which allows users to automatically earn cryptocurrencies when making online purchases.

Get ready for the Public Sale

Are you interested to invest in One Million Coin (OMC)? Feel free to sign up for the public sale via During the public sale, 90% of all available tokens will be sold to the public. The remaining 10% will be kept as funds to provide liquidity to (decentralised) cryptocurrency exchanges on which OMC will be listed once the public sale has ended.

If you’d like to learn more first, visit the website of One Million Coin and/or read the OMC WhyPaper.

Best regards,
on behalf of One Million Coin

Davey Lodder
Founder and CXO



One Million Coin

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